About us

Information technology is widely used to support the activities of companies. Employing full-time professionals for managing, projects or infrastructure teams is usually unreasonable.

Well-lead projects usually come to an end and new solutions get stabilized and do not require significant ongoing work.

Top professionals from many areas of IT

Evartel Ltd. provides outsourcing of managers in the field of Information Technology (IT). We carry out business, strategic and operational projects on the basis of various technologies, including IT. Thank to our solutions you can achieve significant savings in running the company. You do not need to know the Information Technology. Our specialists are able to restructure your business to achieve market advantage. We will deal with the processes and their optimization.
We will offer training and prepare your staff for the required changes. Together we will choose and introduce appropriate solutions and technologies. We will give you the security and guarantee of success.

Owners and managers of Evartel Ltd.