Backup solutions

Backup solutions offered by Evartel Ltd. based on Tivoli Storage Manager from IBM allow for the effective protection of customer data. Dedicated modules allow you to make backup data during system operation, on-line, for systems such as MS Exchange, MS SQL, Lotus Domino, Oracle, SAP/R3, DB2. TSM software also have full integration with platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V.

Server platforms

Applications and processes reliability

Servers are devices designed for continuous operation. In most cases they are responsible for the correct handling of business processes in a company. Operational life of servers translates directly into company's profit and image. Proper selection of servers is one of the most important decision when planning Data Center infrastructure. Our product range includes servers by reputable manufacturers like IBM.

Mass storage

Drive technologies offered by Evartel Ltd. allow you to build a storage infrastructure for both the classic servers and BladeCenter environments. Offered disk arrays can be divided into two groups of products:

used in backup systems and data archive systems as a disk cache – Disk to Disk (to Tape) Backup D2D(2T).

used for database systems, where a high performance (measured in count of I/O operations per second) and high daya availability are thw most important attribute. Such solutions are usually used in cluster environments, based mainly on the HACMP software. This product group includes enterprise class disk arrays for the most demanding customers. Unique technologies used in this group of products allow storage configuration of several independent partitions with different priorytey. Hardware implementation of this functionality allows you to facilitate the process of preserving the data integrity. The disk systems have been designed to take full advantage of high bandwidth connections of all major elements: Fibre Channel Bus, FC high speed drives and SAS.

Server room equipment

Tape solutions

Tape Libraries are main devices to allow for storage of large amounts of backup or archival data. For backup or data archive purposes they can be used in conjunction with storage disk arrays (D2D2T method) or can be directly connected to the backup server (D2T method). The great advantage of tape libraries is the ease of off-site data storage implementation and the low cost of tape media. Modern tape drives allow for storage of up to several TB of data on a single tape and availiable tape libraries contain a few thousand slots for tapes in a single device.

Server virtualisation

Virtualization systems allow for consolidating the server environment, which enables more efficient use of physical server resources (RAM, CPU). Systems and applications organized on virtual servers operate independently of each other despite sharing the physical server resources. Central management and possibility of the migration of virtual instances between physical servers, allow for the construction of high availability environments resistant to failure of individual components.

Virtual Tape Library - VTL

Virtualization of tape systems is used wherever there is the need to create an even more efficient backup or data archiving system. The implementation of VTL significantly reduces the time to perform backups in existing backup environments. Features of the virtual tape management and their cloning makes VTL one of the main elements for the designing of disaster recovery environments.