Requirements analysis and IT solution design

IT project success depends largely on good preparation. A key element is a precise definition of the requirements and their further analysis. The IT-project is complemented by IT solution design that meets the requirements imposed.

• Gathering the customer's requirements already during the phase of creating a solution that meets the specified functions in a business environment
• Managing the requirements, testing their consistency and completeness, formalization of requirements
• Designing solutions using UML2 notation
• Designing the IT solution that meets approved software and hardware business requirements
• Determination of critical and non-critical parameters of the SLA (Service Level Agreement)
• Risk analysis
• Estimating the cost and duration of IT project (also using the function point methodology)

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Project management

Proper planning and completion of an IT project is critical for achieving business goal. It requires the cooperation of many people, teams or entire companies.

It is necessary to properly identify the objectives, structure of the final product, as well as resources and time needed for completing the project.

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Information Security consulting

Maintaining confidentiality is one of the most important elements of the company's functioning in a business environment.

The use of Information Technology and organizational solutions must take into account issues related to protection of information.
Evartel Ltd. provides services related to the following:

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Hardware solutions design and delivery

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Information Technology Outsourcing

Boards and business leaders of all organizations recognize the advantages resulting from the externalization of certain elements of the company. Managers have learned about the benefits of outsourcing model, mainly due to the reduction of the costs, but also because of the high quality of the services. The need of growth calls for implementation of innovative solutions, which is not always associated with the need to incurring large financial expenses. This applies to both spending on hardware and software, as well as for specialists who ensure proper functioning of the entire IT infrastructure. The cost of employing and maintaining of own IT department is often inadequate to the real needs of many companies. Outsourcing allows for flexibility in adjusting the range of services according to the needs and financial capabilities of a company. Thus latest technologies become more accessible even to smaller companies.

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Legal Security

Design and implementation of security systems requires also a comprehensive analysis in terms of compliance with the law. Security audit and design of security rules in a company involves the examination whether the data processing, storage and transfer is consistent with applicable law including personal data protection law, database protection law and labour law. In terms of legal services, necessary to carry out our projects, we work on a permanent basis with a reputable law firm, specialized in economic law including new technologies and data protection. We offer legal advice on projects. On behalf of the Client we also conduct an independent legal assessment of existing and desired solutions in the company.

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