Evartel Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of personal data that you entrust to the company. The security measures used by Evartel Ltd. guarantee the safety and proper use of the data.


cookie - a small file stored by the server on the local computer. The file can be read and used by the server after the local computer reconects to the website.

system log - information passed from a client computer to the server during each connection. The system log may contain data such as IP number, by which the approximate location of the local computer can be determined.

IP number - a unique address in computer networks. The IP number can be permanent (static) or variable (assigned dynamically, with each new connection).


Internet users who visit our site remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise. The information contained in the system log is used solely for technical purposes. In addition, IP numbers are used for statistical purposes (eg determination of the region from which our website is visited).


Evartel Ltd. creates aggregate, statistical reports, based on the collected data. The reports may be disclosed to third parties. The reports do not contain any details allowing for identification of individual users.

Data collector:

Evartel Ltd.
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